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IDL - Bozeman eNEWS - April 2013 - Vol. 6 No. 4

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Climate Consultant 5.0

Climate Consultant 5.0 is a free downloadable program that graphically displays climate data in either metric or imperial units in dozens of ways useful to architects:

  • monthly bar charts
  • timetable charts
  • psychrometric charts
  • sun shading charts
  • sun dial charts

In addition to the climate charts, Climate Consultant 5.0 also generates a set of the top 20 design guidelines to improve thermal comfort and energy efficiency in a building based on a specific climate.  Weather files are available for over 2000 locations, including several cities throughout Montana. 

Visit the Energy Plus website to download the weather file you need. 

Click here to see the top ten design guidelines for designing in Bozeman, Montana.

For more information, check out the Energy Design Tools website.