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IDL - Bozeman eNEWS - April 2013 - Vol. 6 No. 4

Entries in design guides (3)



Three new manuals have been added to our website. 

Two are eQUEST manuals; Module 1: Basic Energy Modeling and Comparative Runs, Module 3: Life Cycle Cost Analysis. These manuals can be found under the SOFTWARE tab, through the eQUEST section or click here.

The third manual is a design guide for daylighting in Montana and similar climates.  This manual gives the tools to optimize the building orientation, glazing specificiations, and window shading devices.  This can be found under the DESIGN GUIDE tab or click here.

Check back often for future design guide and software manuals.  An AGi32 and eQUEST Module 2: Intermediate Modeling will be added soon!


Did You Know?

The Seattle Lighting Design Lab has created a series of Commercial Lighting Guides for offices and warehouses. Based on the ASHRAE 30% Design Guides, these 2-page guides provide quick lighting layout solutions for common design problems. Access them here!


Did You Know?

ASHRAE’s Advanced Energy Design Guides for K-12 schools, small retail buildings, small offices, and small warehouses are available online for FREE as pdfs. Get them now!