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IDL - Bozeman eNEWS - April 2013 - Vol. 6 No. 4

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Resource: Tips for Daylighting with Windows

Looking for a quick way to size windows and shading devices? Wondering what all those letters stand for on glazing data sheets? Need a quick consult on sensors and controls? Then Tips for Daylighting with Windows is for you!

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory compiled this excellent resource to help with basic daylighting needs. This pdf covers a range of topics including: daylight feasibility, envelope and room design, selecting a glazing type, sizing shading devices, coordinating with electrical and mechanical systems, and using sensors and controls.

The guide is simple, with key points, vocabulary explanations (and a glossary), as well as easy-to-understand diagrams. At the end of every section is a page called “If you have ...” which goes through the steps a designer can take if they have “no time,” “a little time,” or “more time.”

Despite its California-oriented data, this guide can be a valuable tool to any architect looking to daylight a building. Get it here!


Did You Know?

ASHRAE’s Advanced Energy Design Guides for K-12 schools, small retail buildings, small offices, and small warehouses are available online for FREE as pdfs. Get them now!